I’ve just updated my projects page and added the very first batch of ApunTeX. But… what are ApunTex?

They are my revised class notes (in Spanish) from lectures I attended as part of my Degree in Mathematics. I revise them individually, adding a cover image, a summary page and short explanatory paragraphs where I felt they were needed, and then publish them here.

As I explained in the projects section, these documents are:

  • A direct an ordered collection of the most importat definitions and results from the subject in question, at undergraduate level.
  • A collection of full proofs of said results (except in the most basic cases).
  • A guide to quickly review previously acquired ideas, or to check specific aspects that might have not been fully understood at first.

These documents are NOT:

  • A textbook.
  • A collection of exercises to practice your knowledge.
  • A list of examples to illustrate the ideas presented. Sometimes, particular examples are included when they can be fruitful or interesting, but they’re not the point of these notes and, as such, they’re very sparse, in favor of the first bullet point of the previous list.

If you are studying mathematics at a Spanish college, or might be interested in learning maths and know the language, feel free to download them!

As soon as I have some spare time to keep reviewing the remaining documents, I will publish them to the same projects page.

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